Happy Father's Day


Who is a father? I think we can all agree that what makes a father has little to do with biological parentage. A father is someone who steps up to the plate. Moms get a lot of spotlight when it comes to raising little ones, rightly so, because their job is insanely hard. But let's not forget about all the dads out there! They don't just help make the babies, but stick around for all the hard stuff too. 

My dad passed away a few years ago and Father's Day always has me reminiscing about my childhood. My dad was ecstatic to become a father. My sister and I were his world. He didn't always know how to show it, and he could be difficult to live with at times, but my sister and I always knew that he loved us.

I can remember him holding me and singing a song he wrote for my sister and me, trying to soothe me to sleep. "She's the apple of her daddy's eye..." is all I remember of it, but that sums up what was in his heart. He was a good man.


I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. My husband Chris and I are over-the-moon excited for this new chapter... and also quite terrified. Life is going to be different now, but that's okay. 


I want to celebrate Chris today because of the man he is.

He said to me, "I hope I'll be a good daddy." I said, "you will be. Do you know how I know? Because you want to be." 

He proves to me every single day, his commitment to me as my husband and the father of our son. I admire his work ethic, his drive to be better than the father he had as a child, his ever-growing capacity for grace and understanding and his unconditional love.

Today, we celebrate fathers everywhere. Biological fathers and stepfathers, alike. You are all amazing. Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to something special today. You deserve it!